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We know that excellent coffee, that is coffee where every stage of its production from growing to roasting is respected, is a sensory delight. We are the champions of flavorsome and pleasurable coffee.

Know The Difference

Do you know when a coffee tastes best? When saving the rain forest, contributing to better animal husbandry and reduces the use of pesticides. Right from the start in 2016, we have been looking for authentic flavors and genuine ingredients. We think it feels better and tastes much tastier. When you order coffee the beans come from selected plantations over the world grown in prime soils. limemil coffee is organically grown on high elevation to ensure exceptional and unique flavor.

Why We Are Here?

Mainly we are here to change the perception of how coffee should taste.   


We are here to change the way you buy coffee.

This is why limemil was created.

We deliver fast unique coffee to your door that complements your personality. Every coffee bean has been hand picked and prepared by local farmers that know about coffee and pay attention to every detail.

Know that humanity runs on coffee.

Thus we have created a way for you to try, learn and enjoy the taste of real coffee.

Its easy, efficient and quick. 

Give it a try!

Why limemil?

limemil is known for the quality and love we give to every coffee bean. We know that many variables affect the quality and taste of coffee. Thus we make sure that everything is handle with care.

As coffee lovers, we know that there is a really broad range of characteristics that you can find in coffee. From earthy tones to sweet fruit flavors, to floral and tea-like aromatics, there's an incredible spectrum of taste experiences to be had through our coffees. Thus our process make sure that all those flavors can be extracted.

Ready To Fall In Love?

We hand picked organic coffee beans for you.

Our coffee is freshly harvested from our favorite coffee farms.

While others disguise their quality by charring or over roasting, we lovingly roast all our coffee a touch lighter.

We deliver fast to your door.